A brighter innovation

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 Directs precise illumination at the electrocautery surgical site. 


Developed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Vinod V. Pathy, MD, FACS, and his team, the Light Jacket is a breakthrough for surgeons, hospitals, and patients.

Benefits to Surgeons

Bright, immediately available, cordless light source

The Light Jacket improves visualization for any surgeon, with directed, precise and convenient light during electrocautery surgery.

Surgeon directed, not reliant on assistant

The Light Jacket’s unique design allows the surgeon to maintain full control over a bright, encompassing field of light at the surgical site even in dark cavities. It is designed to have minimal effect on use of the surgical pencil.

Bright field of light lasting 2+ hours

Five LED lights illuminate the surgical site for over two hours of continuous use.  The LED alignment allows visualization of features that may be difficult to see with traditional methods.

Can replace cumbersome lighted retractors and headlights

Simplicity of design and bright, directed light may eliminate the need for costly and bulky lighting in the OR.  The Light Jacket is very small; is opened, attached and turned on in seconds; and can enhance visibility and control for any surgeon.

Potentially eases stress and strain on a surgeon

Since the Light Jacket is directed with the hand on the electrocautery pencil, a surgeon’s remaining hand is free for other tasks or balance during surgery.  In addition, less dependence on a headlight may relieve long periods of neck alignment to direct the headlight beam.

Benefits to Hospitals and Administrators

Securely slides onto electrocautery pencil in seconds

Simply tear open the small, sterile, individually packed Light Jacket and apply it onto the surgical pencil until it locks in place.

Sleek size saves valuable OR shelf space

Light Jacket is approximately 1″ by 1.6″ and weighs less than 1/2 oz.  There are no additional cables, batteries, consoles, generators or disposables required to use it in a case.

Low heat emission/can lessen risk of burn injury

The LED lights of the Light Jacket continually operate at near room temperature, while many other traditional OR lights operate at much higher temperatures.

Sterile and disposable

The Light Jacket is sterile and disposable, and there are no labor intensive re-sterilization costs or wait times associated with its use. 

Economical and efficient, no setup required

Use of the Light Jacket can streamline the surgical lighting process.  Easy access, sterility, and immediate control can save valuable steps in surgical cases.

The Light Jacket provides me with optimal visibility – safely, easily, and economically – like no other illumination device I have seen before

William R. Jarnagin, MD, FACS

Chief, Hepatopancreatobiliary Service
Leslie Blumgart Chair in Surgery
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York

The Light Jacket Difference

In-use surgical images


Conventional Lighting Sources Light Jacket Benefits
Overhead surgical lights Traditional overhead surgical lights are intended to assist medical personnel during surgery by illuminating the surgical general area, a local area, or possibly a cavity of the patient. Occasionally, shadow dilution occurs, or obstructions (i.e. surgeon’s head and hands) affect the light. The Light Jacket is designed to be an additional, bright, directed light source for any surgeon using an electrocautery pencil. It is small, sterile, disposable and directly illuminates the surgical site or cavity where the electrocautery pencil is being used, without adjusting other lights or experiencing shadow dilution from the heads or hands of surgeons.
Lighted retractors Lighted tools that are used to retract, expose, or hold back tissue, muscle, or organs during surgery. Complete device can be large and complex. Some generate significant heat, and the light is not always directed at the surgical site. Often a surgeon uses one hand to hold the retractor or it is controlled by an additional person in the OR. The Light Jacket fits snugly onto the electrocautery pencil and is thus controlled directly by the surgeon, illuminating the surgical site and increasing visualization in the cavity. It operates at near room temperature and may free medical personnel to concentrate on other aspects of the surgery.
Headlights Additional lighting source for surgeons that secures directly to the head. May be corded or cordless, and require the surgeon to point his head in the direction of desired illumination. The Light Jacket provides additional light like the headlight, but is focused directly at the surgical site, and is less affected by shadows from the hands or other obstructions.
The Light Jacket
Diameter: 1.1″
Length: 1.6″
Weight: 0.45 oz.
There are six Light Jacket units per box
Box Size: 7.25″(w) x 3.625″(d) x 2.5″ (h)
Engineered and built in the USA
Instructions for Use