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Surgeons’ skill is invaluable when it comes to operative outcomes. However, if visibility is hampered, critical steps in a procedure cannot be optimized, no matter the skill and technique. Traditional, decades-old modalities of enhanced illumination, such as lighted retractors and headlights, have drawbacks, from bulky cords to physiologic neck strain on surgeons, to simply inadequate lighting.

Further, studies have revealed that overhead lights are manipulated very frequently in surgical procedures in an attempt to improve illumination and visibility. Even more, 50% of those manipulated light handles have been shown to have a significant amount of bacterial culture.

Our goal is to bring intraoperative lighting to the modern era, with improved visibility with directed bright lighting where it is needed most, during surgical dissection. If we can additionally limit neck strain, reduce touches of bacteria-laden light handles, and reduce the risk of burns by using LED lights, we will have served surgeons and, most importantly, patients well.